Men’s Residential Program

Gibson Center’s Men’s Residential Program is a 16 bed, in-patient treatment center focused on helping the men in treatment relearn or re-establish healthy functioning, skills, and values, as well as to regain physical and emotional health. Our treatment program provides individuals the opportunity to progress in treatment by meeting specific goals through individual counseling, group therapy, relapse prevention, and community support. Clinically-managed interventions are directed by certified treatment professionals trained in gender specific and culturally sensitive treatment services to address consumer’s individualized needs to develop and apply recovery skills.

Our Services

Services facilitate consumer reintegration into the general community through a focus on the development and enhancement of Life Skills (including budgeting, interviewing, and good work practices), the development of problems solving skills and interpersonal skills, and the application of principles to effect personal change in thinking, attitude, and actions.

We offer the following specialized services:

  • Medication Assisted Recovery
  • Access to basic medical care
  • Dual-Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Disorder
  • Psychiatric and psychological services
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Living/Coping Skills Education
  • Employment Services (IPS)
  • Case Management

All Gibson Center services take a team-oriented approach to a person’s care and recovery. Treatment team members include the consumer, clinical supervisor, substance use counselor, mental health counselor, community support staff, employment specialist, nursing, direct care staff, and referral source.
Length of stay is variable and is determined by the needs of the consumer and recommendation by the treatment team.

Financial assistance is available for Missouri Residents. For out of state residents, we accept private insurance or negotiated private pay.

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Recently Renovated

The Gibson Recovery Center was recently renovated providing improvements and a new look throughout the facility. This center can handle 16 residential patients at any one time and access for many more for group therapy sessions and outpatient classes.

Recreational Therapy

Since substance abuse and other addictive behaviors penetrate every facet of life and eventually consume leisure time, therapeutic recreation is an essential treatment component. A combination of a physical fitness program, healthy recreation activities, and fulfilling leisure time will aid in the development of a healthy recovery since it provides the client the opportunity to practice the lifestyle changes, balance and healthy coping skills.

Healthy Dining

Research shows that Eating Healthy can go a long way toward helping individuals on the road to addiction recovery. At the Gibson Center we pride ourselves on providing our clients with healthy eating options that serve as an example of what foods to eat to get their diets back on track.

Client Artwork

Many of the clients that come through the Gibson Center reflect on their lives and are inspired to produce some very deep and beautiful artwork. Feel free to click or swipe through our most recent gallery of client artwork.

The Gibson Recovery Center

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Men’s Residential Treatment Photo Gallery

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