Lighthouse Consulting

Lighthouse Consulting is a service of Gibson Center, specializing in non-profit consultation services, including grant-writing, organizational development, and leadership cultivation.

Grant Research and Writing

Working closely with your staff, we will complete your grant application, proposal, or letter of inquiry ensuring it is highly competitive and thorough. We will also lead the writing and submission of highly technical and involved grants, ensuring your entire application package meets rigorous agency standards.

Program Evaluation

We will assist in developing an appropriate evaluation design for your program, providing a detailed evaluation report. The goal of our evaluation services is to demonstrate to your funders, partners, and the community that your program is effective and worth saving.

Organizational Development

We will assist you in developing board and governance policy, assessment of organizational needs and solutions, and advisement of governance practices. We will help you develop a concise strategic plan that sets the direction and general parameters for activities for the organization.

Executive Director Roundtable

During this 12 month executive director leadership development program, we will facilitate two-hour monthly round-tables to provide a forum for nonprofit executive directors to share what is happening in their organizations, get feedback from their peers, and strengthen their leadership skills.

Leadership Development

Let us help you solidify the future of your organization and strengthen your leadership structure. Services include the Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) program- a four phased, 12 month leadership development tool focused on assessment, planning, training, and experiential learning.

Community Engagement

Engage community members by inviting and listening to their thoughts and ideas. We design and execute a process that builds visibility and credibility for your mission. Surveys, focus groups, and “open space” events are tailored to your organization for maximum benefit.

The services of Lighthouse Consulting are available on a set project fee, hourly or contractual basis. We have established rates for hourly, daily and long-term contracts. Before any work begins, our team provides you with a written quote and outline of services provided, which upon agreement by both parties will be included in a signed agreement.

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