As part of the proposal research, writing and editing process, you can expect Lighthouse Consulting to complete the following activities:

• Search for corporate, public, and private grant makers on a local, regional and national level.
• Make recommendations as to the fit of potential funders based on the mission, goals, and program activities of the organization.
• Gather detailed information about your organization’s specific programs and activities.
• Review the RFP thoroughly.
• Write proposal for funding based on results of potential funder research or on RFP/funder identified by the organization.
• Write and tailor grant proposal(s) to each grant maker’s specific requirements.
• Provide support and consultation for any special requirements of the funder.
• Provide editing suggestions and proposal critiques to assist your staff in strengthening proposals and increasing chances for success.

Funding Research

After discussing your organization’s funding needs, we will research upcoming funding opportunities that match your funding needs and goals. Upon completion of the research, your organization will be provided with a detailed report of grant opportunities for which you are eligible to apply and best match your funding priorities

$75 flat fee

Deliverables: Monthly report of upcoming grant opportunities for which you are eligible, including cost of completing proposal.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Analysis

For those that are uncertain whether to apply for a grant, based on a specific RFP, or you don’t understand the RFP requirements, we provide a thorough review of the RFP, including initial and follow-up discussion and documentation of findings.

$125 flat fee, each RFP

Deliverables: Written report outlining major requirements of RFP, along with any concerns about applying. Report will also include cost of preparing the proposal.

Foundation and Corporate Grants

Working closely with your staff, we complete your grant application, proposal, or letter of inquiry, ensuring it’s highly competitive and thorough.

Depending on scope of project, $250-$750

Deliverable: Completed application, proposal, or letter of inquiry.

Proofreading and Editing

We proofread your grant proposals before you submit them, making sure your message is clear and that you’ve followed instructions provided by the grant maker. A second set of eyes on your proposal is always important. This can includes suggestions and advice for your grant proposals, including offering insight on why you may not have received funding in the past and what you can do to improve your proposals to be more competitive in the future.

$100 flat fee, each proposal

Deliverables: Edited proposal, with accompanying suggestions/advice in written report.

Federal and State Grants

In a close partnership with your team, we lead the writing and submission of highly technical and involved government grants. We ensure your narrative is strong and your entire application package meets the rigorous standards laid out by the agency.

Depending on scope of project, $1,000-$2,000*

*additional costs apply if travel is required

Deliverable: Completed grant application