Our Services:

Our Employment Specialists assist in identifying personal strengths, skills, interests, and needs, in order to develop an individualized employment plan. We spend time building relationships with employers in order to find the best fit. Employment specialists have small caseloads that ensure quality and individualized services. Our collaborative approach partners with Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, benefits specialists, and mental health treatment teams.

At Gibson Recovery Center, we believe that recovery and employment go hand in hand.

John Gary

Executive Director

Gibson Center uses Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model, an evidence based practice approach to supported employment for people with co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder.

Principles of IPS Supported Employment:
1. Competitive Employment
2. Zero Exclusion
3. Integrated Services
4. Consumer Preferences
5. Personalized Benefits Counseling
6. Rapid Job Search
7. Systematic and Individualized Job Development
8. Time-Unlimited and Individualized Support
For more information on the Individual Placement Supports (IPS) model, visit Missouri Department of Mental Health Division of Behavior Health Employment Services.