Just over a year and a half ago, Gibson Center began offering Employment Services, in partnership with Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation and Missouri Department of Mental Health, as part of its comprehensive recovery services. Employment Services at Gibson utilize the Individual Placement and Supports (IPS) model, an evidence-based practice that focuses on each person’s strength while promoting recovery and wellness through a multidisciplinary team approach. As we just wrapped up the last quarter, we wanted to share our outstanding Quarter 2 performance. 44 consumers received Employment Services during this quarter, of which 19 either started a job or continued working from the previous quarter. That is 43.2% employed! The state average for last quarter was 37%. This success is not only a testament to our Employment Specialists, but the entire Gibson Center team working together to help promote successful employment outcomes among our consumers.

For more information about the IPS program, check out this brochure:

IPS Brochure