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Addiction Severity Index: A detailed assessment history of each potential client is completed in a face to face interview. Information regarding how the client's major life areas have been affected by usage is taken to ensure the proper form of treatment may be recommended.

Social Setting Detoxification: Detoxification services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The purpose of this service is to provide a supportive, safe environment during an uncomfortable process. In the event that any client exceeds our criteria for safety, he or she  will be transferred immediately to a hospital for stabilization. Maximum length of stay for detox is five days.

Residential Treatment: Residential treatment provides a safe, supportive environment for individuals who require an intensive environment. Treatment is composed of medical lectures, group therapy, educational lectures, relapse prevention/recognition, individual therapy, family groups and a 12 step support program. A total of 50 hours of therapeutic activity are available each week. The client, the referral source and the treatment team develop the treatment plan. Length of stay in residential treatment varies depending upon client need. Maximum length of stay of service is less than 30 days.

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Outpatient Treatment: Outpatient services provide individual structure and intensity to meet multiple service needs. Programs vary dependent upon the need of the client, and may include Day Treatment, Evening Treatment, and specialized Gibson Center focus programs. Gibson Center encourages family participation, whenever possible, in the treatment process, thus ensuring recovery for everyone. Family educational sessions, activities and counseling are available.

Department of Corrections Outpatient Programs: This is a specialized program for individuals who are referred by the Department of Corrections. These individuals are on Probation or Parole from the State Judicial System. This program consists of five levels of service with varying intensity. The maximum program is eighteen months. Counties for this service include Bollinger, Scott, and Stoddard Counties. Gibson Recovery Center has offices in Dexter, Sikeston, and Marble Hill.

Drug Court: Gibson Recovery Center provides Drug Court services in Cape Girardeau, Stoddard and Wayne Counties. This program is designed as a deferred sentencing program for drug and alcohol offenders. Clients must successfully complete this program or they will be sentenced for the precipitating crime. This program is a maximum of 18 months with services which include intensive supervision, multiple random screens weekly, individual and group activities.

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Substance Abuse Traffic Offender's Program (SATOP): This consists of an Offender Management Unit (OMU) which provides assessment and recommendations. The OMU recommends one of the following treatment options: 1) Offender Education Program (OEP), which provides a 10 hour educational program. This program is usually for first time offenders. 2) The Weekend Intervention Program (WIP), which provides structured activities including both educational and group counseling. The offender is required to reside in the program for a 48 hour duration. 3) The Clinical Intervention Program (CIP), provides 10 hours of individual counseling, 20 hours of group education and 20 hours of group counseling. The groups are held three successive Saturdays and the individual is scheduled on an outpatient basis.


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Mentally Ill Chemical Abuser Project (MICAP): This project will provide clients with co-occurring disorders with a full continuum of supported treatment services including timely assessments and treatment services recommendation; on-site psychiatric evaluation and follow-up visits; assertive case management; intensive and individualized outpatient treatment consisting of cognitive behavioral interventions, 12 step principles, motivational interviewing and harm reduction; inpatient/crisis services; medication management and subsidization; and outreach to families and significant others. This program will be available to clients residing in the counties of Cape Girardeau, Mississippi, New Madrid, Perry, Scott, and Stoddard.

Federal Program: This program is short term residential treatment (90 days) for clients who are under supervision with Federal Probation and Parole. The program provides a safe, supportive, and therapeutic environment for individuals who need longer than 30 days residential treatment. The program activities include individual therapy, group therapy, educational lectures, relapse prevention/intervention, physical examination, family education, and 12 step support group. Clients are allowed to work with permission from referral sources.

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